on my knees

Busy.  All the time.  Running here, there… around the world and back.  Set time aside for Jesus? I attempt.

But I’ve noticed something very particular about my faith, and I am sure that other Christains can testify to it as well.

I Thessalonians 5: 17 & 18 states “Pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  Many translations translate verse 17 as “pray without ceasing”

Wow… conviction at it’s finest. I constantly tell people that are suffering “You are in my prayers” or “I will pray for you.”  But how many times do I actually follow through with that statement?  Do we just say feel-good words, and not follow through with our actions? And if we don’t follow through… is that not a lie?

So, here is my proposition.  Whenever you tell someone that you will pray for them, right then, ask God to remind you to pray for that person.  And right then, pray for them.

I’ve tried this, and it is working.  It helps me to stay constant in prayer.  It helps me to constantly rely on my Father; to be dependent. I believe dependence is a the source of prayer, crying out to our father.  Knowing that I can’t do it alone… that can bring me to my knees.

Why do we pray?

To ask our Father, because He will provide. (Luke 11:9) (Matthew 6:26)

To thank our Father, because He provided.

To praise our Father, because He is the ulimate provider.

And also… God is our best friend.  He is always constant, always caring and listening.  His heart leaps with joy when we cast our worries and cares on Him. He is big enough, strong enough, and more that willing to listen to our hearts.

So this is my challenge to you: Go and sit somewhere, anywhere. And tell it all to God.  Every single ridiculous thought that runs through your head from what you will have for dinner to your friend who is struggling with doubt.  Carry it to the one who is strengthens.  And it will be worth it, I can promise.  It is better than any yoga class or relaxing walk in the park.

Pray to Him.  Every day, hour, minute.  Cry out to the one who made you, loves you, and can fulfill the desires of your heart.


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