uganda, please

If you have talked to me in the last month, you probably have heard at least one comment about this amazingly impactful book that I have read: Kisses from Katie.

Let me tell you… I only thought I wanted to visit the impoverished parts of Africa.
After reading this… I know I want to visit these places at the least.

After consuming Radical by David Platt, I had to do some more research on this guy and what he had to say about Jesus’s teachings.  (Radical is an amazing book, please do read.) However, as I went looking for David Platt, I found an interview he was initiating with a young lady named Katie. 

After the first few sentences slipped through her lips, I was captivated. 

I’m only sixteen, but if I could go visit now, there would be nothing stopping me.

This girl… her life is a picture of the gospel. 

This is short, because if I started talking about the book, I would end up plagerizing.  Going to jail isn’t exactly on my to-do list.

But let me leave you with this to watch:

Now you tell me… is that not amazing, abandoning love?

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