the 5 most helpful & unique high school graduation presents, according to past graduates

Buying graduation presents can be difficult: will they actually use this? And what if I get them the same thing as so-and-so? You never want to imagine that your money is wasted, so I did a little research and gathered together the five most-helpful graduation present for high school seniors, most of which, will only be better if they get multiples!

#1: Gift cards to gas stations

With gas prices as high as they are currently, this is a perfect gift to support a college student’s commute to campus, to work, or even home for a weekend.

Pro-tip: Research the closest gas station to their campus!

#2: Gift cards to Apple (or another laptop company)

Laptops are expensive, but they are basically a requirement for college these days. Especially for those majors like engineering, many people have to buy a special laptop for their courses. This would be a very practical way to help off-set the cost of their laptop expenses!

Pro-tip: Ask their parent or the student if there is a specific brand of laptop they need to have/want.

#3: Local gift cards

Going out on the town with other students is a natural way to make friends freshman year, but going out can be very expensive. Here is where buying a senior some gift cards to local nearby restraunts is a great idea!

Pro-tip: If you know the student’s favorite food, try to find a gift card to a similar place like that! Or look up the most popular spots for college students in that town.

#4: A jar of quarters for laundry/VENDING MACHINES

Some laundry machines take card now, but many still don’t! They usually always take quarters, though. This is a great way to help with the annoyance and frustration of trying to find change: go ahead and provide it ahead of time.

Pro-tip: Go ahead and make it a whole laundry set! Add detergent and dryer sheets.

#5: a meaningful book

Books have the potential to change our lives for the better. Was there a book that impacted you in college? Maybe you can share that!

If you can’t think of your own personal book suggestion to gift them, might I suggest another book? It’s specifically for college students, called Contemplations of a Collegiate Christian, and I wrote it specifically for college students. You can buy it on Amazon here. This book is a light read that will guide them through navigating how to put Jesus at the center during the chaos of newfound adulthood.

That’s all I have! I hope this is helpful to you, and I know these things will be a blessing for a college student headed out into the world of university!



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