about me

Hi there! My name is Mary Madeline, and I am an curly-haired atypical twenty-year-old girl seeking an authentic Jesus in this hectic and modern age. My name is often marked by thoughts of standing on chairs, random dancing and singing, as well as rants about racial reconciliation and elderly people. Some of my favorite things to do are swim, travel, blog, read blogs, play guitar, solve trig equations, teach people to play Filipino poker, and attempt to beat my dad at Trivia Crack. I’m definitely Taylor Swift’s, Jenny and Tyler’s, the Oh Hello’s, and Katie Davis’s biggest fan. I also love singing the shower (anywhere really), doing silly shenanigans with Gib, and attempting to talk politics (because they matter but I’m not totally politically literate).

A few people that might be featured on this blog:

My mom – (Renee) often found dancing to eights music and calling my name to rub her feet.

My dad – (Mack) often found fixing things, snuggling our cat while watching cat videos, and buying Christmas lights during July.

Gib – my coordinated, fifteen-year-old  brother who is always attempting to make me play Call of Duty, jump off the roof, burn something, or hurt myself in some other thrilling way.

Mary Clay – (often aka Mary Madeline) one of my best-friends-practically-sisters who looks like my twin to the rest of the world; often found singing while stuffing chickens; majoring in (food) journalism at the University of Alabama (roll tide)

Sayre – another best-friend-practically-sister who is ridiculously witty, intensely humored by mundane human struggle, and loves everything floral, including bedangled roses on the seat of her jeans

Duke – my yellow lab who enjoys licking my toes and any other visible skin on my body but I will readily defend his case when meanies call him fat

Nate – My old-man skinny cat with a tiny little pudge. He loves pawing my face, sticking his tongue out at any and every one, and staring at me for endless hours to earn my love.

If you would like to talk Jesus, ramble on about Taylor Swift and folk music (wide-ranging interests, okay?), or drink any type of hot beverage with me or ask questions or anything else, feel free to email me at marymadelinelamastus@gmail.com! Emails from my readers are my absolute favorite.

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