the top 7 books of my lifetime

There are the books that keep coming back to me. Their pages contain sentences forever etched into the crevices of my heart. They keep piecing me together in ways I didn’t know I was broken, begging me to pull them off the shelf for the thousandth time.

to the bride who lost her original wedding to COVID-19: yearning for a different wedding

Though I cried alone and with Kyle the entire week, I was silently criticizing myself the entire time. I shouldn’t be so shook. I should have it together. I shouldn’t be this upset. I don’t deserve to ask anything from God— I need to get it together first and stop idolizing my wedding day.I am writing this for them, and for every girl who felt silly for mourning the wedding day they had planned on and hoped for. Here are two very important things I want you to know, and I wish I had believed.