to the prayerless christian who longs to be prayerful: here is how

I feel for you, because I have been you… This post is for you, the barely-praying Christian, from a girl who used to be prayerless, who now can with confidence say her life is more prayerful than ever. These are the practice that have made me more prayerful than ever, and thus—have given me more spiritual freedom and intimacy with the Lord than I have ever experienced.


the humility of learning

Being a student is one of the most cherished titles I have of all. I love my university, my classmates, my teachers, and all the lessons.

But I have also learned that I am always, that I will always be a student— a student of life. A student of the One whom every lesson originates from, and who teaches the most wonderful lessons of all.

Here is that lesson in writing.