the top 7 books of my lifetime

There are the books that keep coming back to me. Their pages contain sentences forever etched into the crevices of my heart. They keep piecing me together in ways I didn’t know I was broken, begging me to pull them off the shelf for the thousandth time.

how to actually read your Bible: from one not-yet Biblically literate Christian to another

I haven’t read the entire Bible. Yikes, I know! I’m a Christian, follower of Jesus Christ. For a long time I knew the Bible was important, but I found it hard to interpret and understand, so I kind of just relied on pastors, sermons, and podcasts to tell me about what it was saying.

Nearly a decade after my conversion, I’m just learning more and more about how majorly important this beautiful, sacred book is to knowing God in the most intimate of ways. I’ve had this insatiable hunger for it lately, and I’m just learning how to truly study it, how to interpret it, and how to apply it. I’ve found that actually understanding Scripture makes reading Scripture so much more enjoyable! So I want to share the eight best resources I’ve come across that have helped me so far, so that we can hopefully grow in Biblical literacy together.