It’s all that can describe my feeling.


This is the thought that comes to mind.


These are the words that leave my lips as our speaker finishes his message.

He must have been truly sent from God… honestly.  The Lord just spoke through a mere man, and I can feel it tingling through the room.  It’s in the air, it’s in the incomprehensible eyes… in the hearts.

This is what was just plunged into my heart, my mind, and my being:

Powerful… it doesn’t even begin to describe our Maker.

Omnisciente… cannot begin to touch the surface.

Unfathomable… that’s it.

God is almighty, so almighty, that the angels of heaven—who weren’t even dirty humans, who had not sinned like we had— had to have wings over their faces to hide from the power and sang praises in the presence of the Lord in Revelation. John, who had walked with Jesus when He was a man, fell to his face when God revealed Himself in full glory.  John described himself as “torn apart” or “broken.” He couldn’t handle it.

And we walk into church sometimes, with a prideful heart. Without a generous spirit.  With greedy eyes.  With black sin, unaware.

How? How can I?  Ponder the Father.  In all his majesty, if only for a second… how can we?… He who made us? Who gave His son for our sake, when we don’t even deserve to experience a single part of His majesty?  Who are we to make this God a God of convenience?  We aren’t.

So, here I am saying this: God is all powerful, all knowing, all forgiving, and loving. So say “yes” when He calls.  Shout “I WILL” from the top of the mountains.  Sing his praises until your lungs burst, and run to your Maker.  He is beautiful, majestic, and worthy of our hearts and our lives.

One thought on “undeniable

  1. So, so true. Also, you just word things so beautifully. I thank God for you and my other friends quite often. I’m so glad I know such marvelous people who seek God along with me. See you in the morning, darling ❤


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